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bored and lacking food inspiration? head over to Cup of Sugar :: Pinch of Salt for food ideas. The blog is run by a good friend of mine who manages to create fantastic ideas in a small space. The photos will lead you to hunger pains as you browse. Favourites of mine include Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup & “BLT” Deviled Eggs. There is also a large amount of reference information with conversations, substitutions, dictionaries & glossaries.


minieggs at easter

Cadburys Mini Eggs. Some people call them lush. Some people call them addictive.  Those same people liken them to the crack cocaine of the easter chocolate family. Since living in Munich – Cadburys mini eggs are not easy to get hold off.

Pre-Easter there is a big office collective order via Amazon UK. When supplies run low, its then what I can get in my car when I make my UK visit over Easter.

Have a thought. Spare some compassion Cadbury and send mini eggs to Germany.

phoenix – barrio cafe

I’ve been on the road the past two weeks and the usual work madness in Phoenix got turned up a few levels. Out of the office we always try and hit a few different restaurants including some new ones – this time it was Barrio Cafe.

We had tried and failed on a previous trips as they dont open on a Monday 😉 but we went around 6pm and got seats in a place that takes no reservations. By 7pm the place was full with a queue outside.

I had the Sopa de Chile Morron to start. A warm/spicy pepper & corn soup which had a gentle warmth and gave you a giant hug as your sipped it down. For a main I had Cochinita Pibil. I know this in a small taco version from Wahaca in the UK but here its full sized. A great marinated and slow cooked piece of pork, with sharp picked onions on top. The pork breaks down really well and is served with a great rich sauce, which the onions cut through fantastically.  Fantastic food had by all of us there!

P.S. Park around the back – they have some fantastic spray art on the walls in their lot.