catchup after fin:code

fin:code in Frankfurt was a great chance to catch up with industry peers and exchange ideas on devops and devsecops. its been a while since I hosted a worldcafe but 2.5 hours of running conversations with a different group of people every 30 minutes – but it enabled me to get a great insight into the devsecops topics and pains people have in their enterprises.


I wanted to share two topics from my presentation that I gave about PAYBACK and devops. first is a video from a colleague about our dashboards we have around our office space. this is how we share our metrics and information.

I also wanted to talk books – I was slightly suprised that not all hands went up when we talked about The Phoenix Project. if you are involved in devops or on the periphery – get it and read it. its not heavy weight read and it brings an easy insight into what many people consider the mystical world of devops.

If you are a devops engineer and you struggle with some of the leadership parts, or if you just struggle in a leadership role – get Leadership Plain and Simple by Steve Radcliffe . the book talks about the idea that leaders need to decide what the future looks like, engage the staff around them that they believe in the solution and then finally deliver it.

FED – Future, Engage, Deliver.

“FED” strikes home to me as a solution to anyone who struggles to deliver devops in an enterprise where people dont believe or dont want to change things.

presenting at fin:code

its been a while since I’ve presented – but I’m off to frankfurt on Monday to present at FIN:CODE

I’ll be presenting on the PAYBACK devops journey and hosting a worldcafe session on “Security at Speed with Devops”. it’s a chance to share some of what we have been working on at PAYBACK the past few years – and some of the thoughts in my head about how we have done it. I’m happy my slides are finished – and I hope the right fonts appear as well! If you are attending – please come by and say hello!

face the fear

Oktoberfest provides a great excuse to catch with friends and colleagues. A few small beers, a little party – but mostly importantly catchup time with people you might only see once a year.

You might wonder what Oktoberfest and “face the fear” has to do with each other. One conversation early in the day with friends was about software deployment patterns. We see each other maybe once a year and we normally compare where we are in our devops journeys.

In comparing our stories – the underlying factor came out. We had faced our fears and taken risks. It might not have been perfect – but we learnt and we moved forward. Standing still (or what we call waterfall deployments) is super safe – buts is also expensive and frustrating! The holy grail of continuous deployments aren’t for everyone (thanks amazon who deploy every 15 seconds!) but there is a sweet spot in between there that everyone can aim for.

Look at the risks and decide if you (and your bosses) can face the fear.

Phil peering through window at Fischervroni

kanban for home

Kanban was an idea by Taiichi Ohno from Toyota, which has adopted by Agile & Devops projects alike to manage workload.

Normally people keep this kind of method in the workplace, but has anyone used it successfully at home? Friends of mine used it on a project to build a new guest house in South Wales (The Grange) – but I wonder if its a suitable tool for me trying to organise my life here in Munich?

By Jeff.lasovski (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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