face the fear

Oktoberfest provides a great excuse to catch with friends and colleagues. A few small beers, a little party – but mostly importantly catchup time with people you might only see once a year.

You might wonder what Oktoberfest and “face the fear” has to do with each other. One conversation early in the day with friends was about software deployment patterns. We see each other maybe once a year and we normally compare where we are in our devops journeys.

In comparing our stories – the underlying factor came out. We had faced our fears and taken risks. It might not have been perfect – but we learnt and we moved forward. Standing still (or what we call waterfall deployments) is super safe – buts is also expensive and frustrating! The holy grail of continuous deployments aren’t for everyone (thanks amazon who deploy every 15 seconds!) but there is a sweet spot in between there that everyone can aim for.

Look at the risks and decide if you (and your bosses) can face the fear.

Phil peering through window at Fischervroni

the lego flight safety video

following on from Air New Zealands fine offerings (hobbits, rugby stars, etc… ) and BA with comic relief – comes Turkish Airlines with the stars of the Lego Movie!

great sporting week

its been a great sporting week for me.

First off – EHC Redbull München have won their third consecutive DEL playoff title. Eisbaeren Berlin took it to game 7 which took place Thursday evening in the Olympia Eishalle in Munich. EHC tool the game 6-3 to win the title.

Then tonight Great Britain ice hockey took the gold medal in the IIHF Div 1A which means they get promoted to the main World Championship groups for 2019. They were 2:1 down to Hungary in the last game until they managed to equalise in the 59th minute. The single point from the draw was enough to gain promotion – GB went on to win the game in a penalty shoot out!

(picture courtesy of Jinty)

Wonder if I can get to Slovakia in 2019

blogroll – uncrate

a favourite gadget site of mine – sometimes with really unnecessary stuff, uncrate collects that all together in one good place. Its provided inspiration for birthdays, silly ideas for new camper vans and much more…

the oktoberfest poster 2018 selected

while I’ve been busy on a big project at work – the managed to announce the oktoberfest poster for 2018

Nice poster highlighting the blue skies bavaria is known for – but I gotta say I prefer third place.

15 years

Last week – before I could present my latest project update at work I got presented with my golden pointee for 15 years of service at the company.

I never really I thought I would be in a company that long – but the work, the challenges and the fun have kept me going. 15 sits pretty well alongside 10 & 5 right?